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CodeSystem: EpisodeOfCareStatus

Official URL: Version: 2.3.0
Draft as of 2021-10-27 Computable Name: EpisodeOfCareStatus

The status of the episode of care.

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

This code system

planned PlannedThis episode of care is planned to start at the date specified in the period.start. During this status, an organization may perform assessments to determine if the patient is eligible to receive services, or be organizing to make resources available to provide care services.
waitlist WaitlistThis episode has been placed on a waitlist, pending the episode being made active (or cancelled).
active ActiveThis episode of care is current.
onhold On HoldThis episode of care is on hold, the organization has limited responsibility for the patient (such as while on respite).
finished FinishedThis episode of care is finished and the organization is not expecting to be providing further care to the patient. Can also be known as "closed", "completed" or other similar terms.
cancelled CancelledThe episode of care was cancelled, or withdrawn from service, often selected during the planned stage as the patient may have gone elsewhere, or the circumstances have changed and the organization is unable to provide the care. It indicates that services terminated outside the planned/expected workflow.
entered-in-error Entered in ErrorThis instance should not have been part of this patient's medical record.

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