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CodeSystem: RequestStatus

Official URL: Version: 2.3.0
Draft as of 2021-10-27 Computable Name: RequestStatus

Codes identifying the stage lifecycle stage of a request

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

This code system

draft DraftThe request has been created but is not yet complete or ready for action.
active ActiveThe request is in force and ready to be acted upon.
on-hold On HoldThe request (and any implicit authorization to act) has been temporarily withdrawn but is expected to resume in the future.
revoked RevokedThe request (and any implicit authorization to act) has been terminated prior to the known full completion of the intended actions. No further activity should occur.
completed CompletedThe activity described by the request has been fully performed. No further activity will occur.
entered-in-error Entered in ErrorThis request should never have existed and should be considered 'void'. (It is possible that real-world decisions were based on it. If real-world activity has occurred, the status should be "revoked" rather than "entered-in-error".).
unknown UnknownThe authoring system does not know which of the status values currently applies for this request. Note: This concept is not to be used for "other" - one of the listed statuses is presumed to apply, but the authoring/source system does not know which.

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