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OperationDefinition: Persist login

Official URL: Version: 2.3.0
Active as of 2022-09-27 Computable Name: persist-login

This operation persists login information into CareTeams and PractitionerRoles The following elements of each careteam are mandatory:

  • id: Reference based on the careteam from the saml security token
  • status: any
  • name: any
  • reasonCode: any
  • participant: 1 for each careteam-role in the saml security token – role: from the saml security token – member: reference to the practitioner – onBehalfOf: reference to organization (cannot be set currently because of a bug in hapi)

Persist-login will find each careteam, and update it with any new participants and roles from the input bundle. The input careteam resources are are used as a container for the participant list. The rest of the fields are not used. The following elements of each PractitionerRole are mandatory:

  • practitioner
  • organization
  • code: roles from the saml security token (CareteamParticipantRole valueset)

Persist-login will search for practitionerRoles for each combination of (practitioner, organization) and create it if it doesn’t already exists.

URL: [base]/$persist-login