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OperationDefinition: Submit measurement

Official URL: Version: 2.3.0
Active as of 2022-09-27 Computable Name: submit-measurement

The submit-measurement operation provides a single measurement in the form of a Bundle of Observation, QuestionnaireResponse and Media for storage and, subsequently, further processing in the eHealth Infrastructure. A Provenance resource is implicitly created by the infrastructure referencing input Bundle resources as target, thereby relating the resources that were submitted.

Parameter description

measurement: Bundle containing:

  • 0..* Observation (ehealth-observation profile)
  • 0..* QuestionnaireResponse (ehealth-questionnaireresponse profile)
  • 0..* Media (ehealth-media profile)
  • 0..* Provenance (ehealth-provenance profile). Each Provenance (which is intended for capturing reuse of measurement(s) – as described in the eHealth Observation profile introduction) must refer to other resources in the Bundle as target in the format “urn:oid:" or "urn:uuid:.".

All resources in the Bundle must refer to the same Patient and EpisodeOfCare.

Output description

The returned Bundle contains references to the stored input resources where the id has been substituted.

eHealth infrastructure will substitute the id when saving the resources in a single transaction.

URL: [base]/$submit-measurement