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OperationDefinition: Is context allowed

Official URL: Version: 2.3.0
Active as of 2022-09-27 Computable Name: is-context-allowed

Checks that it is allowed to set an EpisodeOfCare as context. If the user requesting context is a patient, then the patient input parameter should be specified. If the user requesting context is a practitioner, then the careTeam input parameter should be specified. Throws an exception if it is not allowed to select the Episode Of Care context.


For valid Episode of Care is returned references that cause the Episode of Care to be valid context. For a practitioner, two output parameters will be returned on success:

  • CareTeam: The Careteam that gave access
  • EpisodeOfCare/CarePlan: The EpisodeOfCare or CarePlan that referenced the CareTeam

URL: [base]/EpisodeOfCare/[id]/$is-context-allowed