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ValueSet: Organization Specialty (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 2.3.0
Active as of 2019-05-27 Computable Name: OrganizationSpecialty

Value set used for indicating the specialty for organizations.


Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 49 concepts



  394812008 medicine specialties

dental medicine specialities

  551411000005104 gastroenterology

surgical gastroenterology

  554011000005107 medicine

forensic medicine

  394580004 genetics
  394581000 medicine
  394585009 and gynecology
  394588006 and adolescent psychiatry
  394592004 oncology
  394596001 pathology
  394600006 pharmacology
  394601005 physiology
  394603008 surgery
  394604002, nose and throat surgery
  394605001 surgery
  394609007 surgery
  394611003 surgery - specialty
  394801008 and orthopedics
  394803006 hematology
  394805004 immunology/allergy
  394807007 diseases (specialty)
  394809005 neuro-physiology
  394811001 medicine
  394821009 medicine
  394914008 - speciality
  394915009 pathology (speciality)
  408443003 medical practice
  408448007 medicine
  408454008 microbiology
  408463005 surgery
  418112009 medicine
  419192003 medicine
  421661004 banking and transfusion medicine (specialty)
  773568002 medicine

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