eHealth Infrastructure (v2020.8)

This code system defines the following codes:

1none No quality neededQuality value where no derivation rule logic nor values are expected
2  unknown Unknown qualityUnknown quality (Unlikely to be adequate if a quality value is expected)
3    derivation-error Error in deriving or determining the qualityQuality value could not be derived due to insufficient input, unknown/unavailable logic, or other error
4      normal Normal/neutral usage qualityNormal/neutral usage quality
5        instructions-followed Performed in accordance with instructionsPerformed in accordance with instructions
5        instructions-not-followed Performed without following instructionsPerformed without following instructions
5        entered-manually Manually entered measurementManually entered measurement
5        automatically-transferred Automatically transferred measurementAutomatically transferred measurement
1TBD Example value - Under constructionExample value - Under construction
1TBD2 Example value2 - Under constructionExample value2 - Under construction

Additional Language Displays

CodeDansk (Danish, da)
noneIngen betjeningskvalitet krævet/ventet