eHealth Infrastructure (v2020.8)

Profiles defined as part of the Danish telemedicine Implementation Guide

The following profiles set the minimum expectations to record, search and fetch health data associated with a Patient:

Datatype Profiles

The following profiles for FHIR datatypes have been defined for this implementation guide.

FHIR Resources Used Without Profile

The following foundation and base FHIR resources are used in the eHealth Infrastructure:

These resources are used as defined in FHIR Core as no need for profiling has been identified.

FHIR Resources Slated for Use or Profiling

The following resources are considered for profiling and/or use in a coming release of the eHealth Infrastructure: None at this time.

References to Unused FHIR Resources

In accordance with the open modeling approach, references to FHIR Core resources have been left as-is in the current profiles/resources even when such resources cannot be created (and therefore not referenced) in the current eHealth Infrastructure. This has been done to lessen the impact of possible future use of those referenced resources, should usage scenarios arise. In cases where this causes unwanted complexity, references to certain resources have been removed. The following is a non-exhaustive list of such unused resources: