eHealth Infrastructure (v2020.8)


OPERATION: create-episode-of-care

The official URL for this operation definition is:

This operation persists an EpisodeOfCare based on the transient value of an EpisodeOfCare provided in the input.


The input is a Bundle which must contain exactly one EpisodeOfCare, conditions referenced in diagnosis list and at least one Provenance resource. All Provenances in the input must have the EpisodeOfCare as target. At least one Provenance must be interpreted into a 'Privacy-provenance' (see below).

The EpisodeOfCare resource

The EpisodeOfCare has to have PLANNED status The 'id' property of the EpisodeOfCare will be reassigned by the server, but can be referenced by other resources in the same bundle. The 'managingOrganization' property of the EpisodeOfCare references the GDPR Data Controller (Danish: 'Dataansvarlig').

The privacy-Provenance resource

A privacy-Provenance is a Provenance resource characterized by having at least one entry in Provenance.policy which data are transported, stored, or processed in the system. Possible values are: - '' - ''

Diagnosis referenced Condition resource

For any diagnosis listed, the referenced Condition must be concerning the same Patient as the EpisodeOfCare.


For valid inputs, the server will create, persist and return a new EpisodeOfCare, client-supplied provenances, conditions and origin-provenance carrying a server-assigned ids. To get resources bodies in the output the request header has to contain parameter `Prefer: return=representation`.

The origin-Provenance resource

Whenever an EpisodeOfCare is created, the server automatically creates an 'origin' Provenance resource point to it (in addition to the client-supplied Privacy-Provenance). This Origin-Provenance resource is filled with data from the JWT access token in order to record the origin of the EpisodeOfCare resource. For instance agent.whoReference points to a resource which is created as a shadow identity from the JWT token.

URL: [base]/$create-episode-of-care