eHealth Infrastructure (v2020.8)
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    CodeDisplayDefinitionDansk (Danish, da)
    FAMMEMBfamily memberA relationship between two people characterizing their "familial" relationshipØvrig familie
    SIBsiblingThe player of the role shares one or both parents in common with the scoping entity.Søskende
    DOMPARTdomestic partnerThe player of the role cohabits with the scoping person but is not the scoping person's spouse.Registreret partner
    ROOMRoommateOne who shares living quarters with the subject.Samboende
    UUnknownUspecificeret pårørende
    NBORneighborThe player of the role lives near or next to the scoping person.Nabo
    CHLDINLAWchild-in-lawThe player of the role is the spouse of scoping person's child.Svigerbarn
    GRNDCHILDgrandchildThe player of the role is a child of the scoping person's son or daughter.Barnebarn
    PRNparentThe player of the role is one who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises the scoping entity (child).Forældre
    OOtherA specimen used for evaluation of operator proficiency (operator in what context?)Ingen relationer
    CHILDchildThe player of the role is a child of the scoping entity.Barn
    SPSspouseThe player of the role is a marriage partner of the scoping person.Ægtefælle